Surperising Causes of Headache

Following are some surperising cuases of headache.

- Sulfites - a preservative which is used in beverages and packed/backed foods to preserve.

- Ice cream can cause headache. To feel better just drink something warm or hold your tongue to the roof of your mouth for while to warm it up.

- Headache medication can also cause rebound headache. So don't take too often and higher doses. If you feel headache more frequently then talk to your doc.

- Nasal discharge, congestion, postnasal drip, and a sore throat can cause headache. A warm shower might help with congestion.

- Some people who get migraines they get "Weekend Headaches". Changes in your routine can bring the pain.

- Dehydration also causes headache which is called hangover headache. Hormonal changes can also cause the hangover headaches.

- Sex can help in relieving headache but some people feel the other way, they get headache after having sex.

- Sudden and severe headache along with a stiff neck and vomiting could be symptoms of meningitis or bleeding in your brain.

Food Facts

1. Soak lentils and rice for a couple of hours before cooking to reduce cooking time and usage of gas
2. When ordering food through home delivery, ask them not to include napkins and plastic containers
3. Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins
4. Pack lunches in reusable lunch bags and washable containers instead of plastic wrap and bags
5. Always buy ice cream in a cone in order to avoid addition of the spoon and cup to garbage
6. Stick to a vegetarian diet. The consumption of livestock lends up to 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases
7. Try and buy foods and goods that are produced locally
8. If you must eat meat or fish, buy it from local sources
9. Eat unprocessed and unpackaged food whenever possible
10. Eat more raw vegetables which are healthier for you as well as help save on cooking energy
11. Allow hot food to cool off before storing it in the refrigerator
12. Think twice before throwing away good and healthy food
13. Heat water in a kettle, and not in an open pot
14. Use smaller pots for cooking small portions
15. If you need two cups of water for tea, fill your kettle with only two cups. A lot of energy will be wasted by heating a kettle full of water
16. Instead of boiling water for drinking, buy a filter that uses little or no energy to purify water
17. Reuse plastic mineral water bottles instead of disposing them with other household garbage