Surperising Causes of Headache

Following are some surperising cuases of headache.

- Sulfites - a preservative which is used in beverages and packed/backed foods to preserve.

- Ice cream can cause headache. To feel better just drink something warm or hold your tongue to the roof of your mouth for while to warm it up.

- Headache medication can also cause rebound headache. So don't take too often and higher doses. If you feel headache more frequently then talk to your doc.

- Nasal discharge, congestion, postnasal drip, and a sore throat can cause headache. A warm shower might help with congestion.

- Some people who get migraines they get "Weekend Headaches". Changes in your routine can bring the pain.

- Dehydration also causes headache which is called hangover headache. Hormonal changes can also cause the hangover headaches.

- Sex can help in relieving headache but some people feel the other way, they get headache after having sex.

- Sudden and severe headache along with a stiff neck and vomiting could be symptoms of meningitis or bleeding in your brain.

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